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December 15, 2019 / Jim Fenton

Japan/Singapore Day 10: IETF Begins

November 17, 2019

Before Jim’s meetings began today, we located a nearby laundry where we were able to refresh our clothes of the past week. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but definitely less expensive than the hotel.

Botanic Garden

Jim headed off to meetings for the afternoon while Kenna began taking tours on the hop-on hop-off bus around the city. These buses have multiple routes in Singapore because there are a lot of different areas to cover. She started with a route that took her through some of the ethnic districts near the center of the city and then took a route that went to toward the Botanic Garden where she got off to look around. The gardens were lush and very calming, although busy on a Sunday afternoon. She found a place to get some satay for lunch and then walked around (getting lost for a while) before catching the bus to get back toward the hotel.

In the evening, we joined up to go to the IETF opening reception. This is always enjoyable for Jim as he gets to see many old friends. Kenna also connected with a few people she has met before as well as meeting some new people there.

This article is part of a series about our recent travels to Japan and Singapore. To see the introductory article in the series, click here.

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