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Jim Fenton

Jim FentonJim Fenton is an independent consultant and researcher with a focus on user-centric identity and Internet privacy and security issues. He is currently supporting NIST Information Technology Laboratory on user authentication standards. He is also developing a new notification messaging technology known as Nōtifs.

Jim is also on the Advisory Board of Disconnect, Inc., a maker of Internet privacy tools, and active in the open source community with the support of the DAViCal calendar server project. He has also been a participant in the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group, an organization formed to realize the vision outlined in the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) issued by the White House in 2011.

Previously, Jim was Chief Security Officer at OneID, a provider of next-generation identity and authentication products and services. In addition to his responsibility for the detailed design of OneID’s unique identity management infrastructure and for corporate information security, he served as a frequent company spokesman and technology evangelist.

Through December 2011, Jim was a Distinguished Engineer in the Corporate Development Technology Group at Cisco, focusing on user-centric identity, email security, and other issues affecting trust in the Internet. He was an author of DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signatures (later updated) and DKIM Author Domain Signing Practices, IETF standards-track specifications for email authentication based on cryptographic signatures.

Previous work at Cisco included router-based security initiatives, VoIP features for service providers, store-and-forward fax, and dial-up access servers. Jim has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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