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September 15, 2017 / Jim Fenton

Colorado Road Trip Day 8: Intermission

Friday, August 25, 2017


Pearl Street Mall

Celeste was free until 9:00 today, so Kenna and I took her to breakfast nearby and got to hear stories about the previous day’s activities. Summary: it went well; she was also able to meet up with Rebecca, a classmate from high school, and some of her new friends/roommates.

Celeste had orientation meetings starting at 9:30, so we dropped her off at the dorm and went off on our own. One of our first stops was at McGuckin’s, a truly remarkable hardware store. We were told by one of the many very helpful clerks that it’s about 60,000 square feet in size.

We spent much of the day at the Pearl Street Mall, shopping but not buying much. We also picked up a local campus newspaper, and were amused by an ad for McGuckin’s describing it as “your local zombie survival superstore.”

Long before Celeste had chosen a school to attend, we bought tickets to a concert near home (OneRepublic and Fitz and the Tantrums). We bought four tickets, thinking that if Celeste hadn’t left for school she could invite a friend or if she had, we would invite another couple. We decided that we still wanted to attend the concert, so late in the day we parked the car at Denver International Airport and flew back home. In addition to the concert we’ll get a couple of nights in our own bed, do some laundry, and pick up Celeste’s guitar and anything else from home she needs.

DIAIt was a little strange parking our car at an airport 1000 miles from home, but other than that everything went smoothly. We had plenty of time before our 8:10 flight to SFO, so we found a comfortable seating area before security, then flew through security (TSA pre-check really wins) before having dinner on the other side.

We finally had a chance to ride the AirTrain at SFO out to the rental car center, something that we don’t normally experience. It’s quite a nice system, just like the train to the terminals at Denver. Too bad it doesn’t continue out to the long-term parking garage!

This article is part of a series about our recent road trip to Colorado and back. To see the introductory article in the series, click here.

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