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January 1, 2015 / Jim Fenton

Resolutions 2015


I’m struggling with posting a New Year’s Resolutions blog post today, mostly because it’s probably not especially interesting to most of you who are reading. But I hope that in doing so, I will feel more accountable for my resolution. Not to mention the fact that, by publishing this blog post, I’m getting my resolution off to a good start.  But I won’t be offended if you stop reading here.

Happy New Year!

For those of you who are interested in the resolution, and for perhaps helping hold me accountable for it, here it is:

Produce more; consume less.

It’s intentionally very broad, and I mean it in a number of ways:

Produce more:

  • Write more. Code. Documents. Blog posts (like this one). 2014 was a fairly good year by recent standards for code, but I’d like to do more. Last year I wrote 25 blog posts, not much changed from the previous year, but would like to average about twice that.
  • Draw more. Drawing has always been a stretch for me, but I’m realizing that it helps get point across much more effectively than large amounts of text.
  • Present more. Presentations are deadlines, and challenge me to get something done. They also give me a reason to think about a topic from the standpoint of an audience, and that’s always good.
  • Build more. In 2013, I did several hardware projects that I enjoyed greatly. Somehow I got out of that habit in 2014, but there’s real satisfaction in building something tangible.
  • Work more. As an independent consultant, I do some things that are billable, and quite a few that are pro bono, volunteer efforts. Obviously it would be nice to be paid for more of what I do, but remember that there’s often educational benefit from the volunteer efforts.
  • Be more joyful. Having fun that benefits primarily me is consumption, but sharing fun with family and friends is production.

Consume less:

  • As often happens, I picked up a few pounds over the Holidays. I need to consume less to lose that.
  • Be more conscious of how I’m spending my time, and spend it well. This doesn’t mean to spend the year rushing around.
  • Continue to be ecologically conscious: I got around by bicycle a lot last year; keep that up and think what else I can be doing.
  • Don’t just attend things. Be an active participant, or at least learn from the experience.

Friends, feel free to (gently) hold me to this.

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