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July 22, 2011 / Jim Fenton

Alaska Day 15: Anchorage to San Francisco

This article is the final installment of a series about our recent vacation in Alaska.  To see the introductory article in the series, click here.

On this last day of our trip, we again have an afternoon flight so we had a little time to walk around downtown Anchorage a bit more. As on Day 2, our first choice for breakfast had a long wait, but we found a quite reasonable alternative. We had seen a sign for All Alaska Tours, and we thought we would stop by and tell them what a great trip we had. When we got there, they had moved a few blocks away so we treated it as an opportunity to see some more of the city. We were surprised about the stores selling fur clothing, which is definitely not done around home.

Dog Sign

A sign in Anchorage's Earthquake Park. We like their sense of humor.

We said “hi” and thanked Jessica, our travel arranger, who was probably startled by our unannounced visit but handled it well. We returned to the hotel to finish our packing and to try to figure out to do with the leftovers from our picnic lunches. We loaded the car, and having a little time to spare, stopped by Anchorage’s Earthquake Park. Here we learned a bit about what happened in Anchorage as a result of the 1964 earthquake, although we kept our visit short so as not to provide too much food for the mosquitoes.

Our flight was delayed about an hour and a half due to the late arrival of the incoming plane. Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage has a modern and attractive terminal, featuring free (and reasonably fast) WiFi and a few good shops, so the time passed quickly.

The flight went uneventfully.  We collected our bags, went outside and waited for the parking shuttle. It was dark, for the first time in two weeks.  We are home.

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